Help our clients to find the best and most affordable healthcare treatment solutions.

Combine scientific advances and excellent consultation services to support our clients

Offer an extensive range of assistance to our clients.

Our Strategy

Committed to provide science-based, health-focused and quality-centred assistance; to find and present our respected clients only the best.

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We help you to safely and successfully receive your medical procedure(s) at a world-class healthcare facility for affordable prices according to your country.

Our Vision

We constantly seek for better avenues and opportunities to serve our customers the best way that we can. We continuously learn and advance our crafts to serve our clients with the best services they deserve.

Our Treatments

Take a look at the health branches which we will be honoured to serve you with.


All the hospitals , clinics represented on the Lima Healthcare are medical institutions with the highest possible accreditation and a long standing history. The company Lima Healthcare has regulated agreements with every hospital or clinic to speed up the process of treatment arrangement for the patient and to ensure provision of the booked services to the full and at a fixed price.


Turkey has some of the best healthcare facilities that are equipped with the latest technologies for medical care making them a premium destination for patients seeking appropriate medical technology.

Turkey had the lowest expenditure on healthcare in Europe in 2015 – 6.4% of Gross domestic product.

on the other side...

Turkey stands where the history shaped.

Whether you are interested in prehistorical times or early evolution of Christianity or Hittites, Hellenic civilization, sacred sanctuaries, Eastern Roman Empire that’s called Byzantine, Ottoman Empire with the palaces of sultans who conquered continents; or maybe you are an enthusiast of the nature, sailing, skiing, swimming, biking, trekking…

You will find more than you imagine. Turkey lies beyond dreams.


Our main goal is to provide the best quality surgery or treatment, with the most experienced surgeon, physician or medical practitioner, in a safe and convenient location and at a competitive price.

We would like to help you to safely and successfully receive your medical procedure(s) at a world-class healthcare facility for an affordable price as against your country.

We would like to desire to contribute to you with our knowledge and expertise which have gained over the years in healthcare.

We propose to offer the following services for clients based in the UK for healthcare services in Turkey.



We care about our client. Providing quality and safe patient care is extremely important for Lima Healthcare. Furthermore, Lima Healthcare has teamed-up with the best facilities and care providers that are able to demonstrate the highest standards of quality and safe patient care to protect the interest of our stakeholders and patients alike. In addition , we care of experience with the medical research industry and life sciences to assure that our partners are at par with the latest breakthrough in medical science and thus, deliver the best results in medical care.

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Patient analysis Concierge Expectations


Tests Physical exam History


Asssociated risks Likely course of treatment


Life style modification Medication

Follow-Up & Referals

Support group Nutritionist

Expert Doctors

We work with accredited institution and doctors or only the best ones who have much experience in international healthcare.

Medical Advice

Before hitting to road, all our clients will be informed about their treatments or proceduresby the experts. 

Language Support

Our patients may not necessarily talk or understand Turkish. So we provide specialist translators to propound the best communication.



Family Vacation

You will love to visit the most historical and beautiful places while you are getting the best healthcare services even alone or with your family. Thus we call the time you will spend in Turkey as ‘family vacation’. 



We help our clients to find the best and most affordable healthcare treatment solutions.


Before our clients depart to take the best healthcare services, they will be sure where and how they will accommodate. Lima and our associates will be delighted to help you to find the most accurate hotels and services, which will make you to feel like home in Turkey. With your translator, guide and best room service, you will enjoy your treatment procedures and feel like a real vacation.


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We combine scientific advances and excellent consultation services to support our clients.

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